Fruits, vegetables may lesser women’s stress risk

MNA Life Style Desk: New research showed that fruits and vegetables in the diet, after finding that eating up to seven servings per day, can lower the risk of psychological stress for middle-aged women. Here are a list of some fruits and vegetables to eat.

Moderate daily vegetable intake alone was linked to lower stress levels but moderate fruit intake alone appeared to show no significant benefit.

The most potent effect was seen when fruit and veg like apples, bananas and oranges and potatoes, cucumber, lettuce and carrots were eaten together, and particularly in women.

The findings, published in the British Medical Journal Open, add to evidence the feel good food fires mind and body.

Professor Simon Capewell, of the UK Faculty of Public Health, said “This is a very interesting study and the new evidence suggests a causal link, that as intake of fruit and vegetables goes up, so distress goes down.

The more fruit and vegetables people routinely eat, the more they promote their health, and reduce their risks of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and common cancers.

Experts think leafy greens like spinach, and tomatoes, boost the chemicals serotonin and dopamine in the brain which improve mood.

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