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Water Day: 5 ways drinking water can save skin

MNA Life Style Desk: We’ve often heard our celebrities speak of the health benefits of drinking water. Speaking of the health benefits of water, March 22 is observed as World Water Day.

1) Since the human body comprises of 70% fluid, drinking more water helps in getting rid of our toxins. With the impurities out of our body, our skin gets clearer and you will visibly notice the reduction of pimples as well.

2) Water naturally hydrates your skin. Instead of spending money on artificial hydration creams, consuming water saves you the added trouble. With water, you can prevent dry, flaky skin, chapped lips and get a natural glow.

3) Drinking water throughout the day also aids in getting radiant, glowing skin. With water purifying the blood, the nutrients from your food get absorbed which gives you the permanent glow.

4) One of the best benefits of drinking water is that it prevents your skin from getting saggy. Water is said to improve your metabolism and cleans your skin pores. Here’s a simple cure to retain the elasticity of your skin.

5) Drinking water first thing in the morning has scientifically proven to be highly beneficial not just for your skin but for your health as well. With new blood and muscle cells being produced at an increasing rate, your skin will go permanently.


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