Ways to prevent suicidal tendency

MNA Life Style Desk: Remember that a suicidal person isn’t crazy. Often they don’t want to die, suicide is only a desperate attempt to stop internal pain and suffering they feel have become unbearable. With effective help and support, these feelings can be turned around and healthy solutions can be found.

Generate hope: In ways that are sincere and meaningful, find ways to focus on the idea that suffering is temporary and that things will get better. Hope comes from the belief that despair is not permanent.

Talk about suicide: If you are having thoughts of suicide, tell someone. The more you talk about it to other people, the more likely you are to find help and support. Tell family members, pastors, friends, co-workers, and mental health professionals.

Take warning signs seriously: Suicidal comments or behaviors are not passing moods or phases, they are often serious calls for help. If someone is not openly talking about suicide, more subtle warning signs may be present. Feelings of hopelessness are linked to an increased risk of suicide. The person may state they have nothing to look forward to or the future will be horrible.

Respond quickly: When a loved one tells you they are thinking about death or suicide, it’s important to determine if they are in immediate danger. Those with the highest risk typically have a plan, the means to carry it out (gun, pills, etc.), a set time and the intention to commit suicide. If you feel a suicide attempt is imminent, make sure the person is never left alone and get back up if needed.

Promote social networks: Positive lifestyle changes are very important. Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are all vital for relieving stress and promoting emotional well-being.

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