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Winter skin care tips for men

MNA Life Style Desk: Avoid common skincare mistakes that most guys make by skipping foaming shave cream and saying no to one soap bar for everything. Winter presents a unique set of challenges for skin care. Cold, dry air and constantly running heaters leave your skin stripped of moisture. To avoid rough, scaly or itchy winter skin, take proper skin care of your face by following these five tips.

Skin irritation

Foaming shave cream is no good for your skin. It does a poor job of protecting your skin and lubricating your razor. The air bubbles that you call foam do almost nothing to keep your face irritation-free.

Upgrade to a lotion based no-foam shave cream for men instead. You will notice the difference immediately. Using a high-quality shave cream means less redness, fewer ingrown hairs, and minimal skin irritation or itchiness.

Drink plenty of water

Maintaining a good level of hydration from the inside is important all the time, but especially so in winter. What many people forget is that the skin is an organ and that, just like any other organ’s cells, skin cells are primarily made up of water. When cells are dehydrated, the organ doesn’t function as well as it would with lots of water. When winter rolls around it can be tempting to drink warm, cozy drinks like coffee and tea. However, to keep your skin looking, and feeling, it is imperative to remember to drink plenty of water.

One soap for everything

Face skin is the most sensitive and has unique skincare needs. Washing your body and face with the same soap is not a good idea. Start by using a natural face wash for men with organic ingredients. A face wash with activated charcoal is a good option. It removes bacteria and dirt without harsh chemicals that can cause long term damage to your skin.


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