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‘World Day Against Child Labour’ being observed

MNA Feature Desk: World Day Against Child Labour is being observed on Monday. The day is aimed at focusing on global extent of child labour and action and efforts needed to eliminate it.

The theme of the day this year is “In conflicts and disasters, protect children from child labour”.

A UNICEF report says that over one hundred and fifty million children across the world are engaged in child labour.

The World Day Against Child Labour is an International Labour Organization (ILO) sanctioned holiday first launched in 2002 aiming to raise awareness and activism to prevent child labour.

Any work done by children within the age of 5- 17 years that’s detrimental to their social, mental, physical and educational development   is classified as child labour. Globally, many children are involved in paid and unpaid work activities that rob them a chance to enjoy their childhood.

Forms of child labour which include hazardous activities such as slavery, prostitution, drug trafficking and involvement in armed conflict deny children a chance to play and go to school.

As the World Day Against Child Labour is marked today, it’s encouraging to note that child labour has been on the decline globally. Still, the war towards eradicating the vice rages on.

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