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Sustaining Economic Growth: Inclusive development & spirited future generation remain key


MNA Editorial Desk: Bangladesh has transformed into a role model of development during the last decade. Several infrastructural developments as well as improvement in human indices have led to this successful journey. This development has significantly reflected in economic progress also. We are performing well on different economic parameters as shown in different reports. Without economic growth, it is impossible for a country to move forward. Economic development is bound to be pursued on both short-term and long-term basis where sustainability becomes the most critical factor. Many countries of the world have experienced sharp economic incline on several occasions, but ...

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Developments needed for primary education


MNA Editorial Desk: In spite of many successes during the past decade, major developments are still needed in order for all children to receive the advantages of primary education. In terms of access, the high enrollment rates achieved for both boys and girls do not yet equate to covering all the children in Bangladesh. It is currently estimated that there are more than 3 million out-of-school children throughout the country. Schooling opportunities are also very limited for some specific groups such as working children, disabled children, indigenous children and those in remote areas or living in extreme poverty. Even for ...

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